mindreach offers an end-to-end product that uses an electroencephalography (EEG) headset coupled with a dedicated training software platform allowing users to learn to directly control activity in pre-frontal cortex, and as a first approach correct abnormal brain patterns, as is the case of Attention deficit hyperactivity disoder (ADHD) and other conditions. Our solution can be expanded and integrated with a wide range of on-the-market effector devices, such as other controllers, neuro-rehabilitation equipment and neuro-prosthetics.


The EEG headset is combined with an immersive game controlled solely by the user’s thoughts. For the first time patients will be able to complement their treatment at home, using our wearable headset that allows them to do focusing exercises while playing fun and engaging games. This solution radically shortens treatment time, reduces its cost, and offers considerable improvement to the outcome of the treatment.


mindreach’s technology is based on self-learning strategies and mimics the naturalistic brain processes that occur when learning new skills. It uses a transcoder that is adapted to each subject. This allows users to rapidly train their brain to change specific patterns of neural activity in order to correct symptoms or control external devices. This ability provides a novel way to directly control our physiology and interact with the world.