mindreach offers an end-to-end product that uses an electroencephalography (EEG) headset coupled with a dedicated training software platform allowing users to learn to directly control activity in pre-frontal cortex, and as a first approach correct abnormal brain patterns, as is the case of Attention deficit hyperactivity disoder (ADHD) and other conditions. Our solution can be expanded and integrated with a wide range of on-the-market effector devices, such as other controllers, neuro-rehabilitation equipment and neuro-prosthetics.


The EEG headset is combined with an immersive game controlled solely by the user’s thoughts. For the first time patients will be able to complement their treatment at home, using our wearable headset that allows them to do focusing exercises while playing fun and engaging games. This solution radically shortens treatment time, reduces its cost, and offers considerable improvement to the outcome of the treatment.


mindreach’s technology is based on self-learning strategies and mimics the naturalistic brain processes that occur when learning new skills. It uses a transcoder that is adapted to each subject. This allows users to rapidly train their brain to change specific patterns of neural activity in order to correct symptoms or control external devices. This ability provides a novel way to directly control our physiology and interact with the world.

We are a multidisciplinary team, with 20+ years of experience in Neuroscience and Brain Machine Interfaces and we have been commited to the mindreach project for the last four years.

Rui Costa

DVM, PhD, Neuroscientist and Professor at Columbia University, NY, USA

Nuno Loureiro

MSc. in Physics Engineering & Aerospace.
PhD candidate in Neuroscience

Vitor Paixão

BSc. in Physics and PhD in Biophysics. Neuroscientist & Research fellow

Fernando Santos

MSc. in Pharmaceutics, PhD in Neuroscience and MBA from Porto Business School

We are looking for highly skilled individuals for full time positions at mindreach. Currently we have three openings for the following jobs.

icon Hardware Developper icon
Job Description:
Design, development and testing of analog and digital circuits, including circuit topology, hardware design specifications, validation procedures, and tests execution
Design of microprocessor interface circuits to external systems
Design of electronic circuit cards, including layout and component selection
icon EEG/Algorithm specialist icon
Job Description:
Design, development and testing of new EEG signals algorithms
Perform data collection and analysis for new applications
Design and facilitate the creation of new methods for using EEG data in a Brain Machine Interface paradigm
Collaborate with academic peers and publish research findings
Suitable candidates should have:
MSc Degree in electrical or electronic engineering or related field and experience in:
Scientific data acquisition interfaces and hardware
Software/Programming in C/C++ & ucontroller programming platforms (eg. Arduino, PICAXE)
PCB design and fabrication
Digital Signal Processing
Analog circuit design (power supplies, filters, amplifiers)
Micro controller development

Suitable candidates should have:
MSc. or Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Physics or related field and experience in:
Statistical signal processing techniques, optimization methods and numerical modeling
Strong programming skills with Python/Matlab
Knowledge of Electroencephalography (EEG)
Prior experience in applications of signal processing tools to bio-medical signals will be a plus
Exposure to Digital Signal Processing will be a plus
Expertise in data analysis and data mining

If you think you have what it takes to join us, please contact us below.

You can find us on Fundação Champalimaud, Centro Champalimaud, Avenida de Brasília, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal

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